Kate Kenney Rochester, NY - Mar 23, 2019

This training is the BEST in town. He has made my daughter a confident keeper and I instantly see her using his training in action. He is challenging, positive and results oriented. Plus he is a nice guy and available for advice if you need it. I highly recommend him!

Christine Hilburger Rochester, NY - Mar 22, 2019

Highly recommend this amazing guy! ❤⚽️ ~ Abby trained with him when she was a goalkeeper... she learned so much about what it means to be a good player, a good leader, and most of all.. a good person! #somuchMOREthensoccer 

Lynette Menna Buffalo, NY - Mar 22, 2019

My son Logan has had such an amazing experience each time he trains with More Keepers! The knowledge and passion that Marcelo has is infectious! It keeps you coming back for more!!!!!

Laura Stewart Beach Buffalo, NY - Mar 2, 2019

Marcelo and his goal keeper training is top notch! He not only teaches proper technique but sportsmanship and genuinely cares about all his students! We are blessed by both him and his wife and their dedication to our local youth in creating the next generation of gifted keepers!

Will & Melissa Crane Rochester, NY - Jul 18, 2018

 Marcelo has done a fantastic job training both of our girls, even though the are five years apart. Ages right now are 13 and 8. Marcelo has the patience and guidance when something is done incorrectly, to point it out and show how to do it right.  He is also quick to point out the positive and commend then for doing a “gooodd”job. With his knowledge of the position and the game, each session with drills is fresh and challenging to engage both girls so it does not feel like a repeating practice with the same old routine. Both girls keep asking when they go again, and can not wait to continue to train with Marcelo.  

Jim Richardson Rochester, NY - Jul 1, 2018

If you have a goalkeeper, you need a goalie coach. It really is as simple as that. There are field players and there are goalies, and they are as different as the army and the air force. Your training hasto be different if you are going to be prepared to do your job. Once you realize your keeper has to have specialized training, the next question is which coach you choose. Any coach can line kids up and run drills, but Coach Marcelo is different. He has been there at the highest levels. He knows what it is like to stare down a break away striker focused on winning a game or what it is like to be on the line for a penalty kick. He also knows what it is like to save the day. It is that game proven mental focus and ability to react to dynamic situations that he passes on to your aspiring keeper. He will instill a level of confidence in them that they are prepared to do the most difficult job on the pitch. As a goalie parent, it is also an investment in your peace of mind that your keeper is prepared to face whatever comes their way. Unlike many coaches who command and control their athletes and stay critical or aloof, Coach Marcelo has forged a personal connection with my son, and I see him building that same connection with the young keepers coming up through the program. He has even attended games to both observe and encourage my son in real world situations. Coach Marcelo has taken my son from field player to an award-winning Varsity Goalkeeper who is excited to be able to take his goalkeeping to the next level in college this fall. Let Coach Marcelo give your keeper the tools they need to become their best!

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